VTech provides a full range of products from exploration to production and oilfield rehabilitation through partnering with the most innovative organizations and companies.

1G&G and Geo-Modeling Software

Innovated by Aroundwave. A complete new software including seismic interpretation, mapping tools, velocity modeling, 3D geo-modeling and data integration and data management.

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4Oilfield and Drilling Waste Treatment Equipment

VTech is representing Welltrailing Co. Ltd, one of the most innovative oilfield waste treatment technology company, to promote its oilfield and drilling waste disposal equipment, chemical materials and latest technologies.

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2Reservoir and Production Management Software

VTech has an integrated oil & gas reservoir and production analysis and management system in order for the oilfield to optimized its production and facility design.

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5Oil&Gas Production Equipment

VTech has partnered with different manufacturers to provide the oil&gas production equipment, such as sucker rod pump, progressive cavity pump, electrical submersible pump, rodless pump, tubing, wellhead, casing head, BOPs etc.

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3Pipeline and Supply Chain Management Software

VTech has partnered with Energy Solutions International to provide oil and gas pipeline management and supply chain system. An advanced simulation models and business solutions.

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6Fault-Seal Analysis

By partnership with Badleys Geoscience, the leader of technical innovation and the application of structural geology to problems in the hydrocarbon industry, and are leading the industry in the commercial application of fault-seal analysis.

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