G&G and Geo-modeling Software

Innovated by Aroundwave. A complete new software including seismic interpretation, mapping tools, velocity modeling, 3D geo-modeling and data integration and data management.

Features and Functions for Seismic Interpretation:

  • Overthrust interpretation and mapping in one step
  • Time-Depth conversion on section by using the velocity Field and do interpretation in time and depth domain interactively
  • Reservoir description and structural interpretation and evolution can be done on depth section directly
  • Well and seismic data integrated analysis
  • Directional well design on seismic or attribute section with more accuracy
  • Advanced 3D visualization in the industry


Features and Functions for Mapping Tool:

  • Focus on application and intehration of map and data.
  • Open all data format and "Green Data" concept.
  • Mapping type include flat surface map, section map, 3D map and cross well map.
  • Overthrust mapping
  • Nature coloring of sudden change or gradual change
  • Layered map management for big amount of map process
  • Easy editing function
  • Assist calculation on the map


Features and Functions for Velocity Model:
Awave uses the velocity spectrum to set up the velocity field, then generate the real-time T-D conversion, which further integrate the well data into seismic data. This can have the similar result of PSDM, and the following advantages:

  • It is easier and quicker to set up the velocity field through velocity spectrum. This meets the velocity accuracy required by oil and gas exploration
  • Spacial variable velocity field enables us to do the Time and depth domain conversion in real-time, and keeps the time domain features of the raw seismic data. This will make it easier for us to re-process the post stack data
  • Use the variable velocity field to convert the interpreted seismic data result into high accurate geological results and maps.


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