Oilfield and Drilling Waste Disposal Services

VTech, by partnering with Welltrailing Company, provides integrated services of hazardless treatment for various waste from the oilfield operations, such as, waste mud from drilling, waste fluid from borehole operation, oily waste water and sludge, waste water from field camp base, etc. Welltrailing is a high tech company specialized in development and research of environment protection technology, production of environment protection equipment. VTech has joint together with Welltrailing for the promotion and provision of technology services for environment project in oil & gas fields worldwide.


Our Waste Treatment Service will include:

  • Waste mud hazardless treatment
  • Waste fluid treatment from borehole operation
  • Waste water treatment containing oil
  • Hazardless treatment of oily sludge
  • High concentration organic waste water treatment

Mud Waste Treatment Process:

This technology has been applied successfully in China and Iraq. We are committed to promote this technology and the concept of "Green Oilfield" worldwide.


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